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Free Social Network for the Occult and Pagan Community. Unlike some other social media platforms on Pagan Friends you are encouraged to use your Pagan name or an alternate identity to further protect your privacy. If you are not interested to join this Pagan related community please look for another public server. We reserve the right to suspend hostile users and remove spam profiles in order to maintain the peace. Before you sign up, remember the best way to protect your data is to host your own. Hosting your own Friendica account is both easy and rewarding. For more information, visit: . After all, Friendica is supposed to be decentralised, and public servers are supposed to be a last resort. The administrator Mutant Monkey can help you setup your own Friendica pod and move your current profile to that pod. Note: after registration you should receive an email with your password. If you use live/hotmail or other free email provider please double check your bulk/junk folder.

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