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Statement of Site Administrator Privacy Expectation

This is a draft of a voluntary statement which we expect site administrators to share publicly, and in the near future we will provide a field on the list of available public Friendica sites that the administrator has agreed (or not) with this policy and potentially offer a link to an alternative policy if the answer is no.

The purpose is to provide a basic expectation of privacy within the Friendica decentralised network, knowing that site administrators ultimately have access to all private information that is relayed through a Friendica site.

The administrator (or administrators) of this Friendica website fully respect the privacy of the website members.

The administrator is capable of viewing or logging private information and private communications between members of this site and other Friendica sites (and other network services).

We agree to the following rules/guidelines:

1) Private and personal information stored on this site or transmitted to/from this site is never provided to any third party by the site administrator, nor is it analysed and used for any marketing or advertising purposes.

2) The site administrator may be under legal obligation and may be required to divulge the contents of private accounts to appropriate authorities in the presence of a court order or legal proceeding.

3) Illegal content (child pornography, evidence in criminal cases such as murder confessions, etc.) may be disclosed to legal authorities based on the moral values of the site administrator. When possible and where this violates Terms of Service we may instead terminate the membership of those involved. In any event, this content will not be shared with any person or persons except for relevant legal authorities.

4) All information stored on this system and transmitted to/from this system is considered private and personal information. The site administrator may be able to see this personal information during routine system maintenance and troubleshooting. We agree that except for information falling under sections 2 and 3 any of this private information which we see will not be divulged to any other living person, with the exception of providing minimal log data to other site administrators to assist in debugging system issues. Where possible the sharing of such logs will be provided to other responsible administrators who have also agreed to these terms and any information which is not relevant to the issue to be solved will be redacted or removed.

5) We will not ever pry into personal communications belonging to site members unless directed to as a result of a system issue requiring system maintenance and troubleshooting as described in section 4.